The 2015 Dallas Weight Loss Program called Wellpoints that I learned from my mother’s friend pushed me to start on my road to health and fitness.


I used to be so huge and when I mean huge, like “whale” huge. Back in the 10th grade, I weighed 90 kilos at 5 feet and six inches. After two years, my weight came to 110 kilos. I didn’t mind it then because I was a “big” girl. My height increased to 5 feet, and eight inches and that was my reason for being “big.” I thought that was enough reason to be overweight.


In truth, I wasn’t just overweight. I was morbidly obese. For my height, the healthy weight is from 55 to 74 kilos. I was 110 kilos at 18 years old. That wasn’t ideal at all. My BMI or body mass index was 36.7. It was too much. Actually, it was MORE than too much. It was extreme, severe, and entirely over to the point that I got sick. It’s called Type 2 diabetes, and it made me re-evaluate myself – so timely as I discovered the Wellpoints program from mom’s friend.


Type 2 diabetes is prevalent, and even if I was still a teenager at that time, I developed the disease. My doctor said that it is an illness for people over forty years, but because I was too “fat,” my body messed up in its insulin production. That’s the reason why I became diabetic.


After my diagnosis, I had to change my eating habits and my lifestyle, in general. My mother enrolled me in a gym, and for three months, I had a personal trainer who helped me with my exercise program for people with diabetes. I also had to follow an eating regimen. It was more like a change in eating habits which is a healthy balance of carbs, protein, veggies, fruits, and MUFAs or monounsaturated fats. I have been trying to live a healthy life with diabetes for three years now, and it’s been great. From 110 kilos, I am now 85 kilos. I am still on the road to healthy living and trying to lose more weight slowly and steadily.


Counseling (one-on-one therapy) has also helped me with motivation and inspiration. When I was at my lowest three years ago, going through depression and anxiety with diabetes, teen counseling kept me in line. Everything that happened to me was challenging to the highest level, but I survived it. I am overcoming it, and soon, even with diabetes, I am going to be fit and able to manage my health without complications.