5 Signs You Need Weight Loss Therapy


Source: express.co.ukMore than half of America’s population is overweight or obese despite the awareness of the risk it has on our overall wellbeing. It is becoming alarming as it is a significant threat to our health. People suffering from obesity have a higher chance of having severe health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

When you do not move forward on a goal, it may be due to a lack of skills. — Sherry Pagoto Ph.D.

Weight problems are possibly due to our lifestyle nowadays. Most of us live in the corporate world that we don’t have time to be active. We spend eight hours of our time sitting on our office chair. Then after work, if we’re not too tired to go home and get that well-deserved sleep, we are off to some restaurant with friends.

We need to lose weight to look and feel good and to be healthy. But then again, it is easier said than done! Sometimes, we need a reminder of what we should do and why we should do it. Some people opt to have weight loss therapy to help with their weight problems, and it sure helps!  Find out if you might need it too.

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Signs You Need Therapy:

  1. You’ve Tried Everything But Nothing Works. You may have tried everything you see on the internet and TV, but nothing seemed to work. You have ordered slimming tea, slimming belt, and all the slimming products out there, but you still haven’t lost weight!
  1. You’re Tired Of Your Diet. You followed a diet page on Facebook and ate mostly leaves, but still no luck. And you’re starting to think it’s fake, but how can it be? All you have been eating were leaves!

The more you rest, the more you feel guilty. — Karen Kleiman MSW, LCSW

  1. You Overeat When You Are Emotional. Do you overeat when you are emotional? When you experience something terrible or you just don’t feel right about something, do you find comfort in eating food? Some of us do this to divert our negative thoughts by satisfying our taste buds, but we’re not aware that by doing so, we are adding a few more extra pounds.
  1. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Food. You are obsessed with food. All you can think about is eating even if you just ate. All your plans are about dining out and what to eat for the next meal. Well, it is normal to think of what to eat, but if that’s all you do and you don’t have any more time to do something else, it’s time to stop for your health’s sake.
  1. You Feel Less Because Of Your Weight. Our world is awed by gorgeous bodies, and it makes you feel bad about yourself that you don’t look like those people you see on TV. You go to the mall to see this beautiful dress, but they just don’t have the size for you! These things play with your self-esteem. You know you want to lose weight, but you just don’t know where to start.

Help will not come from the people who develop the diet plans because the regimens are for the ordinary obese individual who gained weight the traditional way. — Judith J. Wurtman Ph.D.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, it’s time to consider seeking the help of a weight loss therapist. Sometimes, all you need is someone to continually remind you of what you want and how you will get it. Through weight loss therapy, you will have someone to inspire and motivate you in finally achieving your goal. For more information on counseling and therapy services and therapies, you can go to www.betterhelp.com. They may be able to assist you with your concerns regarding weight loss counseling and other services involving mental health issues.