A Family Approach To Weight Loss


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Following a strict diet is truly unbearable and it can downright stressful if your family is not with you in your journey to losing weight. In fact, this can make you feel hopeless. Research says that less than 50% of women who are trying to lose weight without the support of their family succeed in their weight loss plans, while about 70% with full encouragement and support from family and friends do lose weight successfully.

But when your children spoil your plans and your partner insensitively brings in junk food and delicious pasta from the restaurant, pushing your family to work hand in hand with you can seem impossible. Here are some ways to encourage your family to be part of your weight loss journey.

Discuss Your Goals With Them

Talk to your family and friends and show them how sincere you are in your plans of losing weight and why it is relevant to you. Provide specific reasons that they are able to understand like wanting to be healthy and feel good about yourself and your desire to stay fit and active. You can show them a list of your weight loss plan so that they can be aware of the modifications that you want to make. This could include your plans for what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or which meals you plan to modify.

Convincing your partner to join in on your plan is particularly vital. Research done at Heidelberg University revealed that some individuals could feel doubtful of their spouse’s desire for weight loss, thinking that the spouse wants to look good for others or to find someone new. But experts agree that those who conceal their diet plans from their family are only bound to fail in the long run.

Invite The Entire Family To Exercise

You may alone in your plans of losing weight but you can always encourage the entire family to stay fit and healthy by exercising with you. When you come home from work, place that turkey dinner on hold and set your family up for a hike around the neighborhood instead of just watching television and eating junk food. Plan a ball game in the afternoon or a trip to the local museum. In the summertime, go swimming at the beach or pool. Exercise doesn’t have to be the usual mundane activities. It can be fun and exciting for the whole family.

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Walk Your Talk

When you check out the fridge or pantry, what’s in there for you and the family? Flavored drinks, pizza and fries, and burger – or sliced fruits, low-fat milk, and vegetables? When you decide to lose weight, you have to find a way to make healthy food accessible to you. You don’t really need to immediately throw whatever’s in the fridge that’s fatty and sweet (or else your family’s not going to talk to you!). But to make the weight loss visible fast, create a plan that’ll make the bad food difficult for you to gain access to.

Let The Family Know That They Can Help

If you can’t pick up the kids from school on Mondays and Fridays because of your aerobics class, ask your partner if he can do it for you. Let him know that you are sincere in achieving your goals so that the other members of the family will eventually adjust to your routines. You can let them help you by assigning them to be your enforcers who will warn you when you attempt to reach out for food that’s not healthy. Be clear about what you want.

Tweak The Usual Family Recipes

Don’t worry about not being able to cook your family’s favorite meals. You can still do it but with a little twist – you can make them healthier. Use low fat instead of the previously used salted butter and full cream milk. If they’re used to eating your bestselling spaghetti Bolognese on the weekends, don’t tell them that you’re substituting the pork with tuna or veggie meat. As for you, eat what they are eating and don’t deprive yourself of your family’s food, especially since you’ve already tweaked them for your entire family’s sake!

Plan Before You Go Into ‘Sinful’ Situations

You may have made great changes and adjustments at home, but when you’re out with friends for coffee or snacks, you’ll be challenged to the max. If you’re with relatives or close friends, you can try telling them the truth about your weight loss plan. Perhaps they won’t order those crispy fries that you used to eat almost every week. If they care for you, they would understand if you order fruit juice instead of a beer.


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Celebrate Your Small And Big Weight Loss Victories

Simple rewards can definitely encourage you to achieve your weight loss goals, and there are no better people to celebrate your small and big victories than your family? If you lose 5 pounds in less than a month, enjoy a nearby nature trip with your partner and children. If you lose 20 in a month, give yourself a bigger reward, like a traveling interstate or spending the day at the spa.