Being Organized Can Trim Down Your Size According To Therapist 

Each year, losing weight always takes the number one spot on my New Year’s resolution list.  There were times when I was able to start it, but I admit, it’s disgracefully difficult to maintain it and achieve my desired weight and figure.  In all actuality, it’s depressing seeing myself give up quickly whether it be a form of exercise or diet.   


My therapist once asked me how willing I was to lose those extra pounds. It is not for me to give up but to motivate me by asking myself up to what extent I can go to shed those extra pounds away really.  He told me that losing weight sometimes is not just about exercising and dieting.  Our surroundings can play a big part in why we earn those unnecessary pounds every time we get up on our weighing scale.   


He said that it’s a great move that I have the initiative to visit the gym, sweat away some pounds, and purge out unhealthy foods in our home, but it could also help me slim down by seeing my place all tidy and organized.    


Declutter Your Space 



Try to look around your house and see if all your stuff is in its proper places.   Are your dishes lying around your sink? Are your cabinets organized? Is your refrigerator kind of pigsty? Unknowingly, these messes around you are silently pushing you to find comfort by indulging in feel-good unhealthy foods to lift up your mood.  Clutter around your home, especially in your kitchen, distracts you and chaotic environment could affect your focus on the weight loss regimen which you have stated many times now and in the past.   


A recent study showed that messy environments could influence you to reach out for foods high in calories.  Women with a dirty kitchen are more prone to developing a mindset of eating more cookies than those who have tidy and organized spaces.   


Tips In Decluttering 

A nurse dietitian also takes note that being organized has become a critical factor in some of their clients who successfully lost weight.  She also reiterated that a chaotic environment eats away the ability to be organized and make plans you can commit yourself to until you see the result you desire.  Crazy stuff around your home disrupts the discipline in eating and regular exercising 


She says that you do not need to clean every single cupboard just to shed those pounds.   Here are some tips she shared on how you can be organized and make a weight-loss idea at the same time.

  1. Focus on your fridge.  Take every single stuff out and toss away all expired foods and pieces of stuff that are not healthy, and fill your refrigerator with foods that can help you enjoy and enhance your healthy diet.  
  2. Clear your counters.  Put away your cookie jars and remove appliances you are no longer using.  Only put stuff on your counter that will inspire and encourage you to cook quick and easy healthy meals.   
  3. Integrate your snacks.  Snack is everyone’s weakness.  In your case, turn them into your strength to take the path to weight loss by getting organized.  Restructure your snacks by having healthy options. Low-sugar goodies are great for losing weight.   


Boost your health, stay fit, shed away those pounds, and manage your stress by considering putting a system into your home.   Being organized is the key to finally trim down your size according to the therapist.   It will keep you focused and will encourage you to stick to your weight loss plan.   

Enjoy every bite by not worrying about adding extra pounds the next time you weigh in.