Best Ways To Handle Body Image Issues According To Therapists

It’s often easy to buy into the perception that our body image is not good enough. Even if we think that everyone has imperfections, we still can’t rid of the truth that some individuals are more physically attractive than us. It makes us feel more inadequate that we want to constantly change our appearance or who we are only to fit in with society’s beauty ideal.


The Realization One Must Lean

There are instances that we get too focused on our body image that we pushed our limits to change it. Despite sometimes knowing that those changes can harm us mentally, physically, and emotionally, we still dive into that once-in-a-lifetime choice of transformation. Unfortunately, we forget to see that it’s not about the physical aspects that make us acceptable. We forget to understand that our personality is more than attractive and amazing enough to determine who we genuinely are.

Some of us might not easily grasp the idea of self-love because we are still stuck with the desire for perfection. So here are a few reminders that can help us quiet down the unhealthy and negative thoughts we instill in our minds about our so-called imperfect shapes and size.

Be Our Own Inspiration

Ideally, we suffer from body-image issues because society constantly wants to represent a perfect body image. But the funny thing is that what we see on the runway only fits for a show and does not hold a part in reality. There is no way we can all get that 7 inches additional height, and not all of us can easily shrink down two sizes. So instead of chasing down the impossibilities of human alteration, we should create our own standards of a beautiful physical image regardless of size, shape, and color. We have to look inward and become our own inspiration.


Embrace Difference

It is certain that we already imagined how boring life would be if we all looked like one another. And imagine when we look at someone and see our faces staring right back at us, that’s way too creepy. But seriously, being different is not a negative thing because it helps us become better people. Thus, we need to ask ourselves what makes us stand out and what are the things that can differentiate us from the rest of the crowd? We need to realize that it is pointless to punish ourselves, thinking that our flaws are the ones holding us from becoming the best versions of who we are.

Save Future Health

It’s easy to get taken up on the idea of perfection because we often see and admire those individuals born with great physical attributes every day. But when we think about the process of that desired change that could sacrifice our future health, it might be best to take our hand off with those body-image alterations. Remember that self-image problems don’t happen in adult life. Usually, it gets in the way of our younger years. So when we became too focused on societal, physical perfection, we might end up ruining our bodies prematurely as it may not hold on to the proper transitioning period.


Don’t Fight Nature

Body-image issues have something to do with our desire to fight back against nature. And because we know that technology can somehow provide us the assurance of physical alteration, we dive into it. Trying to look like someone else’s is a losing battle. It pushes us to unrecognized ourselves over time. Why not, instead of wanting to be like others, accept the qualities we have? Why not, instead of trying to copy someone, focus on improving our skills and talents? Instead of aiming for the physical alteration processed with a knife, why not compliment ourselves and inspire others to love themselves?

Talk It Out

Of course, insecurities start in a pinch. But once it gets ignored, it eventually turns into something destructible. So when we gasp that idea of not being good enough physically, we might as well deal with that thought by talking it out. We must share our body-image concerns with those who can help us see the good sides of the situation. We should let our friends and family know what we are emotionally and mentally going through. We need to get that kind of support that helps us to focus more on achievable goals.


Body-image issues can be a tough battle to face, especially because of the world we are living in. Technology and social media can make it hard for us to climb up to that positivity of self-love. There’s too much in those things that ruin our self-esteem. Nevertheless, it is vital to realize that we are who we are. The way we view ourselves is the only thing that should matter.