Brief Overview Of Dukan Diet, Ultra Low-Fat Diet, And Atkins Diet

The four diet plans mentioned in the title are just a few of the most common eating programs right now. It offers a lot of good points, but none of the programs are faultless. Each of the programs has many pros much like corresponding drawbacks. As to what program you can follow and patronize, the decision is up to you. All of the diet plans here will help you lose weight, but there are impacts on both your body and mind.

Let’s say these “lifestyles” are sure-fire in eliminating your excess body weight. The concern here is your mental health. It may pose a serious consequence to your brain function. You can ask any doctor or expert for that matter. Before doing any exercise or diet program, your body must be healthy. It also includes your mental state. Does it make sense? It means that your psychological state must also be “healthy.”

Dukan Diet


People who follow the Dukan Diet are eating more protein foods compared to carbohydrates-enriched foods. The program also features a low-calorie meal plan and has four phases. The first two phases of the Dukan Diet is for eliminating excess weight. The last two stages are all about maintaining your weight after the two phases are complete.

There was a study conducted on women who religiously followed the Dukan Diet for eight weeks. They lost at least 15 kilos, but they only consumed 1,000 calories worth of foods every single day for eight weeks. Their protein consumption was 100 grams per day.

It’s not very ideal because eating 1,000 calories on a daily basis for an extended period is dangerous. The deficiency in nutrients and calories will affect muscle growth. In short, it’s not healthy at all.

Ultra Low-Fat Diet


The name of the diet program says it all. The Ultra Low-Fat diet plan is not a good eating program on a long-term basis. Eighty percent of the diet plan is composed of eating carbs, and only ten percent is reserved for protein. The only good point of this diet program is using it for a short-term purpose.

A study was done wherein obese people, as respondents, were made to follow the Rice Diet, which is an ultra low-fat diet. They did lose a lot of weight and heart ailments were reduced to a minimum. But that’s about it. This diet program is useful for a few weeks only. One can’t use this as an eating lifestyle.

Atkins Diet


Celebrities are swearing by the Atkins Diet program. But then again, they are just celebrities and not nutritionists. It is a low carbohydrate eating plan, and it is supposed to keep the body satiated for hours. Since it is a low carbohydrate eating program, the person following the Atkins Diet will consume fewer calories and with that, lose weight. The problem is that some people are not used to eating fewer carbohydrates, and it can manifest signs of nausea, headaches and the likes. At least, it can help you expend all those fats and also lower the progress of heart illnesses.

If you noticed these three eating regimens, there is a valid question about its “healthiness.” Yes, it can help in losing weight, but is the person in good physical shape, inside and out? Will he get all the nutrients he needs on a day to day basis?

It’s not enough for you to lose weight. You must also have a well-functioning brain and a completely healthy body. It can be achieved only if you have the necessary nutrients in your body coming from a well-balanced meal and some daily exercise.