Exercise Ideas With Spouse Or Partner

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Workout time doesn’t have to mean spending time apart. There are many ways to burn calories and get fit with your partner that can benefit you both. It just takes a little creativity and willingness to try new things.


Hit The Weights Together

Many weight-lifting exercises involve the use of a spotter who can ensure you are in the correct form. You should also try looking for two-person activities that you can do as a team. Not only are you bonding, but you are also able to burn around 250 calories per half hour.


Try Partner Or AcroYoga

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This type of yoga incorporates poses that are done as a pair, so it involves teamwork and being aware of each other’s bodies. That and the fact that you can burn 150 calories in 30 minutes makes AcroYoga a pretty cool way to get fit.


Rock Climb Together

Rock climbing is especially good when done in pairs because it fosters communication and trust. As one person scales the wall, the other spots for them and coaches them through the climb. It’s also a great fat-burner at 350 calories every 30 minutes.


Blast Calories With A Circuit Workout

This can be done with just a mat and a timer at home. It also allows the couple to work out side-by-side but at their own pace. You can also burn around 250 calories per half hour.


Go For A Run

Running is one of the easiest ways to get some cardio — just lace up your shoes and go. You and your partner can map out a route in a scenic area or your local park. If the outdoors isn’t an option, then, just running side-by-side on a treadmill works, too. Running burns around 300 calories every half hour.


Hike the Hills

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Another outdoor option is hiking. It is less intense than running but still gives a good workout at around 250 calories every 30 minutes. This works exceptionally well for couples who have differing fitness levels.


Give Doubles Tennis A Shot

If you two enjoy a great sweat and a little friendly competition, you can find another couple and play some doubles tennis. Not only does this sport work all your muscle groups (burning around 250 calories every half hour), you also get a good rush of dopamine from the game.


Hop-On A Bike For A Quick Ride

This is another excellent option for couples with different fitness needs since it can be as challenging or as casual as you like. It’s also a good cardio workout without the impact of running. Burn up to 350 calories with this workout.


Go Canoeing Or Kayaking Together

Hit the open waters and get a great cardio and upper body workout. You’ll have sore arms the next day, but this is a great way to practice your coordination and teamwork with your beau. Not only that, you’ll drop around 200 calories every half hour.


Remember To Relax

After a great few days of working out, you and your significant other can and should find ways to relax — together, of course! Go for a spa date or even a simple bubble bath and relive your adventures.


These physical workouts will not only burn your calories down but will also further enhance your relationship. It is a must-try for couples that will benefit not only the health but relationship as well.