Healthy Lifestyle Tips


While not every situation or environment in your life may allow you to engage in your values at 100%, if you find many of your values are not being met in major areas of your life, you may want to consider a lifestyle change. — Deanna Richards, LMHC

You want to slim down the healthy way, and you are determined this time to make it happen. But you don’t know what to first and how to start this road towards a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry. It’s not that hard. Just remember that you need to do four things – eat healthy foods, exercise daily, sleep at least 8 hours a day and drink lots of water. Easier said than done, right? You can do it, you know, and just believe in yourself.


Here are some healthy lifestyle tips to follow and remember:


  1. Stick To Your Eating Plan And Exercise Routine.


When we’re hungry, the beast inside of us is released, and we’ll eat anything even if it’s unhealthy. You see coke, you grab it and drink. On one side, you see French fries with cheese flavoring. You buy a large serving and eat those foods because you’re hungry. This is a big NO. You must always stick to your balanced meal eating plan and cardio/strength training exercise routine. As much as you can, resist the urge to deviate from it, but don’t punish yourself if you stumble.

So getting physically fit and staying active can make you smarter, enhance your emotional well-being, help you resist disease, give you a longer and healthier life, and maybe even improve your chess game! — Matt James Ph.D.

  1. Vegetables Are Life.


Food experts, nutritionists and fitness specialist all agree the eating vegetables is a healthy way to lose weight. Most veggies have low-calorie content, and it’s filling to the stomach. Some have fiber which has added benefits and can prolong your satiety. Not only that, most veggies are potent in vitamins and mineral, all of which you need to get you through the day, even on a low-calorie diet.




  1. Nuts Are Your Friends.


If you want to eat snacks or if you’re tempted to munch on chips, take nuts instead. Nuts are rich in healthy fats which the body also needs. One serving is enough, and that means a handful or the palm of your hand when you scoop it.


  1. Eat Foods That You Love.


Don’t force yourself to eat broccoli just because it was in the eating plan. If you can’t bear the taste of certain foods, then, don’t push it. You can always make a menu which is healthy and would make your mouth water. Just don’t eat processed foods, meat fat or too many oily foods, chips, sugared drinks, and likes.

One strong line of thinking is called the “evolutionary mismatch” argument. It refers to the fact that there is a contrast between our current lifestyles and the environment our minds and bodies evolved to live in. — Gregg Henriques Ph.D.

  1. Do A Weekly Weigh In.


It’s important to weigh yourself once a week to see if there is progress. Do this after you wake up in the morning when you’ve relieved yourself, as well. You will know your real weight by doing that.


  1. Tell Your Family That You’re Now Leading A Healthy Lifestyle.


They might not follow you on your road to healthy living, but at least they know that you’re serious about this. Also, if you have kids and they see you eating healthy and doing various physical activities, they will follow you and make you their role model. In a way, you’d help them lead healthier lives too.


  1. Eat At The Dinner Table.


It is best to eat a healthy meal at the dinner table, together with your family. It doesn’t only improve your physical health state, but it will also enhance your social and emotional health as you converse with other family members while eating good food. Turn off all distractions like TV, gadgets and the likes.


  1. Drink Green Tea.


Most fitness fanatics have a secret weapon, and it’s green tea. Research proved that green tea could facilitate the burning of body fat if you drink 3 cups a day, after meals. It also contains powerful antioxidants which not only aids in anti-aging, it also repairs damaged cells.




  1. Hello, Mr. Sun!


Go out and get Vitamin D from the sun. Why? It will lift up your mood and make the bones stronger. Do this every day for at least 10 minutes. Early morning sunlight is the best.


  1. Try Some Fish Oil.


Not all foods contain Omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s vital that you have that daily. To secure this, take fish oil. It will regulate your skin cells growth, lower the risk of high blood pressure and minimized inflammation within the body.


Can you do these tips? If you can, then, good for you! It may sound simple to do, but the impact of these healthy tips for your body is magnanimous.