HIIT – Facts And Info

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HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a very popular type of exercise routine. If you noticed, several, if not all, fitness gyms and sports training clubs market that they have specialists for high-intensity interval training.

Beginners are excited about the idea and those who are used to fitness and exercise, they are up for the challenge. But for some, there’s an inkling – Is HIIT an effective means to exercise? Will it work? Is it good for the body? These questions will be cleared if you read on.

I have been exercising since I was 17 (a good 30 years!) and yes, for me, high-intensity interval training works and lives to the expectation. It is truly effective and can help lose weight. I can attest to that fact. Is it for everyone? Not really. If you don’t have the physical strength and capability to do it, you can’t jump and do the workout just like that.

Anyway, What Is HIIT?

Some people are not familiar with HIIT or high-intensity interval training. It is a type of exercise wherein you get to work out for a short amount of time and yet, the intensity is so aggressive. You will burn fats and calories way quicker than regular exercise because of the bursts in your workout cycle.

This type of exercise is difficult to do properly and in working out, you need the correct form and position. Beginners can start slow and as their strength, power, stamina and speed builds up, they can adjust their training level in HIIT. No beginner can do HIIT exercises effortlessly at first attempt. It is really hard!

There are two great things about high-intensity interval training. If your time is short each day for workout, this can be possible to do. All you need is 10 minutes a day at least to perform your HIIT cycle. Another great benefit of HIIT is its completeness. In 10 minutes time, you will be able to work out all your body parts and you will lose weight.

Advantages Of HIIT

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  1. You only need a few minutes each day to perform your HIIT exercises and it’s a complete workout!

Everybody’s busy with their daily lives like work, school, tending to family and more. Most of us work eight to ten hours daily and have no time for exercise. Well, it’s a matter of setting up time in order to work out. With HIIT, you can do your thing in ten minutes at least. You can set aside ten minutes during your morning, afternoon or lunch break. The point here is the WILL to find the time and be active.

Complete workout means exercising your physical and mental health are nourished. HIIT is good for people who are often suffering from depression, anxiety and the likes. It can also strengthen your immune system and lessen the risks of developing cardiovascular illnesses.

  1. HIIT is a complete and very effective workout, experts in fitness and health agree.

It’s all in the after-burn. You exercise vigorously for ten minutes at least and then when you’re done, the body is still burning calories. This is how you lose weight – your breathing and heart rate are still up from the high-intensity sessions. Fats will “melt” away.

Drawbacks Of HIIT

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  1. HIIT can lead to over training and body burn out.

Because of its short cycle, people tend to over train and the body can get burned out. This issue is one of the drawbacks of high-intensity interval training. Those who follow HIIT can over exert their moves. With that, the body is prone to physical injuries and damage. Also, you can get much stressed out and instead of progressing, your fitness goal is derailed.

It is important to recognize the concept of time-out and recovery after HIIT exercises. You can’t do this exercise every day, especially if the routine is vigorous. It is possible to do it daily only under the supervision of a fitness expert. 

  1. Beginners are cautioned.

HIIT is not for people who are new to exercise. The whole workout routine must be done in correct posture and form. Beginners are not equipped with that and HIIT is not advisable for them, as of yet. When they get used to exercising, it’s the time wherein they can slowly adapt HIIT moves in their training routine.

If you want to know more about HIIT, don’t hesitate to ask your trainer. For beginners, you have to talk to your doctor first before engaging in HIIT.


(Personal experience, knowledge and opinion of Liana Smith, 45 from Los Angeles, CA and as interviewed by Sara Sullivan)