How To Avoid Stress Eating

Attending to mental and emotional health is as important as attending to physical health. The two are intertwined; a healthy mind can contribute to a healthy body. — Deanna Richards, LMHC

Experiencing stress can be a challenging thing on your part. In some days, it can also be a struggle to get on with life because of the stressors surrounding you. Because of this, there is a high tendency or possibility that you will lose interest in continuing your day. There are moments when you will procrastinate because of low energy. At the same time, you may also find yourself stress-eating. It is a situation wherein you will always feel hunger whatever you do and wherever you go. The worst and saddest part of all is that you are still hungry even if you have recently eaten.




Keep A Food Diary


One of the things that you have to consider at this point is to record your food intake in a given day. The more aware you are about your eating habits, the easier it would be on your part to restrain yourself from overeating. Keep in mind that stress eating can make you obese. It may offer a temporary solution to the stress or negative emotions that you are feeling, but it can have more adverse effects on your body in the long run. All you need is to get a piece of notebook and use it to record your entire food intake for the day.

While there is some truth to this, what most people don’t realize is that stress alone can cause us to put on fat by altering many metabolic functions. — Denise Cummins Ph.D.

Talk To Someone


As much as possible, find a way to open up to someone about what you truly feel inside. Keep in mind that you must not waste your time and effort into feeling sorry for yourself. The right thing to do is to discuss the stress and anxiety that you feel. Take note that the more you open up about your issues, the better you would feel. If this continues to take place or happen, there is a good chance that you will no longer experience any tendencies to eat too much. Be brave to discuss what you are going through because it can help you a lot.

BetterHelp is a website that contains a directory of certified and qualified talk therapy specialists. They can help you discuss your stressors and anxieties without judgement.




Do Something Exciting


Are you aware that one of the reasons why you are overeating is because of the usual routine of your daily life? To make things a lot better or easier on your part, it is best to find a new passion. Make a promise to yourself that you will look for a new activity that will keep you interested and inspire you to keep on looking for more. Keep in mind that when you invest your time into something new, there is a high possibility that you can start to restrain yourself from stress eating.

Your strong personal motivation might be to overcome depression or prove to yourself that you can run a marathon—or even apparently become a chess Grandmaster! — Matt James Ph.D.

Feeling stress in your life is only reasonable, especially if there are so many things going on in your life. Because of this, you have to master all the things mentioned above so that you will not end up stress eating. Remember that you have what it takes to change the course of your life. You just have to get better when it comes to choosing for yourself and the future.