Online Therapy For Weight Loss: Is It For You?

Today, everything is online. We use the internet to communicate with our loved ones or do business. Even therapies can be done online nowadays! People who are too busy or couldn’t go to a therapist personally can now access counseling and therapies from licensed and certified professionals.

If the subject of these ruminations is curiosity about the value of therapy, it may be your tired brain asking for help. — Karen Kleiman MSW, LCSW



Yes, it is possible and more and more people prefer online therapies for their weight loss management and several other reasons. Why is it becoming popular nowadays? What are the benefits of online weight loss therapy? And is it for you? Find out below.

Reasons Why People Opt For Online Weight Loss Therapy:


It’s ironic how people nowadays have managed to put so many activities on their schedule that they couldn’t handle. It is becoming a challenge to finish all the tasks in a 9-hour timeframe making it impossible to fill in an appointment with a therapist.  Online therapy is convenient, and you don’t have to worry about the travel time going to and from the clinic.

The early sessions should focus on developing a shared understanding of what is really the matter—an understanding that makes sense to both of you. Jonathan Shedler Ph.D.

You can log and do your sessions online. All you’re going to need is a working device and the internet to access online counseling, and you can do it right in the comfort of your home.



Undoubtedly, money matters! We do all sorts of saving to make sure we have something left in our emergency fund. If you think you need weight loss counseling but you are indecisive because of the cost, online therapies offer affordability.

You don’t have to spend much for accurate and credible counseling. Certified and licensed therapists conduct the online sessions, so you will positively get your money’s worth, plus you don’t have to spend on gas for traveling to the clinic.




Are you hesitant to go to weight loss counseling because you are worried that someone who knows you might see you? Then online therapy is definitely for you. It can be accessed remotely, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you. Online weight loss therapy provides anonymity, and you can be sure that your case is confidential.

Try to determine what you want to work on; have clear goals and expectations. — Sean Grover L.C.S.W.


People seek online therapies for medical reasons. Some have limitations or are disabled and just can’t do visits. In this case, it is just what they need. Online therapies make it possible for them to be able to attend their sessions conveniently without having to worry about all the hassle they would usually go through when visiting personally.

Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are commonly from wrong food intake and the lax management of their health, and people who are overweight or obese are most likely to have these conditions. Weight loss management is imperative to achieve overall wellness, and online weight loss therapy makes it possible for people who cannot do the actual visit.


There are advantages and disadvantages of doing everything online nowadays. It is all about preference. You can always opt to have weight loss counseling either personally or through online, whichever makes you comfortable. You can also seek BetterHelp to know more about online therapies related to weight loss and other mental health issues.