Relationship Goals: Benefits Of Exercising Together


You may have heard from multiple people that working out or hitting the gym gets them going. In fact, exercising has been proven to boost happiness, improve sleep, and increase self-confidence. It is far more than just losing weight and finally getting that “hot bod.” Which is why plenty of individuals sign up for marathons, fitness clubs, or even trying out new recreational activities like mountain climbing.


So, believe me when I say that that exercising will not only benefit your health and lifestyle but also bring you and you and your partner together. Haven’t found the “right” time to do it? Start right now and bring your significant other with you. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it.


Here are some of the benefits of working out together as a couple:


Increased Happiness

Exercising is like a happy pill; Studies show that couples admit to feeling more satisfied with each other and having an increase in pleasant emotions. Furthermore, working out with your partner can intensify romantic attraction, improving the overall quality of your relationship.

Whereas behavioral activation serves as the basic adaptive principle, the lifestyle approach provides a systematic guide toward constructing a life that is more robust and resistant to depressive cycles and shutdowns. — Gregg Henriques Ph.D.

Efficient Workouts

Having your partner around when you’re exercising can serve as healthy competition. Take time to learn new exercises together. Set goals together. Having your significant other can boost your output and the effort you put into your workout.


Experience Falling In Love All Over Again


I’m not lying when I tell you that exercising with your partner can help you ignite that spark again. Things like sweaty bodies, a fast pulse, and heavy breathing can mimic the rush of falling in love. Don’t be surprised if you and you’re significant another mistake physical arousal for attraction. Additionally, exercising has been proven to improve your body shape and make your face more desirable. Use this to your advantage and boost each other’s charm.

We won’t stick to it to impress the neighbors or because our buddies have decided to slim down and shape up. To stay the course, we need stronger inspiration than that. — Matt James Ph.D.

Achieving Fitness And Health Goals Together Is Easier

Sharing moments and just being there for each other can uplift your self-confidence. Studies show that spouses engage in more fitness activities when their partners encourage them and provide health-related tips. Try to walk together every morning, hit the weights, or try a bunch of yoga poses. You’ll find yourself working extra hard when you love right next to you.


Improves Intimacy And Connection

When you exercise together, you tend to coordinate with each other. From the timing of your breaths to the pace of your running. Even without talking, you get to connect and become more greatly attuned to your significant other’s rhythm and emotions. You also learn how to read actions and facial expressions, which is helpful in boosting intimacy in a relationship. Working out together can positively influence both your health and emotional bond as a couple.

Finding time to connect with yourself and others can have a significant impact on overall wellness. If you find you are not able to give any time to yourself or to others, you may want to explore how you might build in more for meaningful engagement. — Deanna Richards, LMHC

More Quality Time


Most of time, jobs and kids get in the way. If you’re having trouble looking for quality time with your partner, exercising can help you. Work around your schedule and make it a habit to take that run together every morning or have hit the gym on the weekends. A healthy relationship is built around quality time together.