Sweet Way To Lose Weight

Becoming a bit overweight makes a woman feel insecure.  You may see lots of couples as you walk down the streets where women have more fats than the men they are with.  Gaining weight has been a challenge for most women and can sometimes cause problems in their relationship.

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Men can always encourage their partners to stick with their weight loss regimen and even join them to inspire and assure them that their relationship is “through thick and thin.”


There are many activities couples may enjoy doing as a sweet way to lose weight.

  1. Enroll In A Dance Class Together. Burn those calories with your every move and heat up the romance by learning to tango or waltz.  Nothing can beat your chemistry on the dance floor as your feet move in harmony.
  2. Regularly Stroll The Park. Enjoy an afternoon date as you walk down your neighborhood hitting the park.  Walking is a great exercise and you can bring a basket of healthy food in case you want to sit down for a while, rest, and enjoy nature.
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  1. Ride The Bike. Biking is a good cardio workout.   It allows you to burn up to 400 calories in an hour.  It strengthens your legs, hips, glutes, and lower back.  Instead of taking a cab or riding a car to your favorite date spot on weekends, you can try biking to get there. It is exciting, sweet, and you can also explore nooks that cars cannot reach.
  2. Share Dessert. It’s hard to resist mouth-watering chocolate fudge brownies and sundaes especially if you are a couple with a sweet tooth.  Be sweeter than those sweets by sharing your dessert with your woman.  You can save money and calories.
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  1. Yoga For Couples. What a sweet way of stretching and moving your body with your woman and breathing side by side with her.  Couples yoga has awesome poses couples can do together.  It will not only make you both feel good but feel ecstatic about each other as if you’re both teenagers.
  2. Visit The Beach. Exercise out in the sand.  Jog in synchrony from one end of the beach to the other. Enjoy surfing together or play beach volleyball with other couples.  It’s like going on your honeymoon all over again while trimming off some pounds.
  3. Rock Climbing. Rock climbing is a workout that will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship because of its being a gender-neutral sport, not favoring any specific gender.  It is just amazing how you can improve cooperation, support, and help as it is a two-man activity.  You can either do top-roping or lead climbing.   Top roping is where one climbs first while the other stands on the ground and assists by applying friction to the rope so that the one who climbed will not fall very far.   Lead climbing is where you both climb, but one leads and the other follows behind and belays.


Losing weight and working out should not be all about sweating. Make it fun, exciting, and sweet by doing it with your partner.   It can be more effective as you feel inspired and working together is not just beneficial for you physically but also mentally which could make your relationship stronger and more stable.