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Face of the week

April 15, 2009: I’ve been big all my life – not fat – but big. Even when I was thin I felt fat and acted fat. Now that I really am fat, I’m totally over it! I’m going to bare my soul and share my quest to lose weight with the world.

It’s time to come right out and say it… I’m going to tell you my weight. I’m quite sure that all the people who love me so dearly have failed to notice how grotesquely fat I have become over the last few years, right?

Oh well, it’s too late to turn back now. The magic number is 275.

I weigh 275 lbs!

So, what now dear friends? In the past when faced with the looming spectacle of months of diet and exercise I have run screaming (not literally, I haven’t been that physically active!). But I did sulk and overeat which just made the problem worse without making me sweat!

But it’s time for a real shift in my lifestyle – a paradigm shift that will create new habits and result in a thinner, happier, and hopefully better, Sara. A Sara 100 pounds lighter than I am today.

And you can help. Part of my motivation for putting this mission ‘out there’ is to get the accountability I need to succeed and inspire other people to start their own journey to fitness. In the meantime I’m done with feeling fat. I’m holding my head up and strapping on my high heels… not just when I lose the weight, but TODAY!