Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

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This question is the most asked question by people who aspire to shed off excess pounds – why am I not losing weight? There are many reasons why a person, even with constant dieting and exercise, is not progressing on his weight loss regimen. Any of these ten reasons might be the answer you are looking for:


  1. You are losing something, but you think that you’re not. (Make sense?) Everything is not just about weight. You may not be losing weight, but your body fat percentage is declining. This is what’s important. You want to lose fat and not just lose weight because you’re aiming for long-term results. So, if your weighing scale is telling you that your body weight is the same as two weeks ago, don’t panic. Your body fat is going down for sure since you’re still working out and eating right.

Over a third of Americans (38%) are obese, but only about 20% of the French and 16% of Italians are, as you can see on this interactive graph from the International Association for the Study of Obesity. — Denise Cummins Ph.D.

  1. You don’t have a food journal. Well, you must have one like right now. It is vital to keep a food journal and record everything that you eat so that you’ll know what you’re putting inside your body. Some even put the calorie equivalent of what they eat and can keep track.


Source: commons.wikimedia.org


  1. You lack protein. If you’re trying to slim down, you need to eat more protein every day. This will keep your metabolism pumping an extra 80 to 100 calories. It can help in losing weight and fat.


  1. You are overeating calories. This is just not good. If you want to lose weight, you have to cut down on your calories. If you can’t estimate your food intake, use an online calorie calculator for assistance.


  1. You are not into whole grains and whole wheat foods. Well, you have to start eating that now since whole grains and whole wheat foods are better than white bread, or the processed kind. It will keep you satiated longer and thus avoid overeating processed carbs.


  1. You don’t include weights in your fitness program. If you want to lose weight, lift weights! Ask any fitness expert, and they will tell you that you have to pump some iron because it will tone your body, and quicken your metabolism. Protein will also help in repairing damaged muscles.

If you find your lifestyle prevents you from engaging in activities that help you address your physical health—or, worse, if you find your lifestyle is creating physical health issues—you may want to identify areas you can alter to help you better support your physical wellness. — Deanna Richards, LMHC

  1. You may binge eat every once in a while. You can’t lose weight that way. Even if you’re eating healthy food – if you’re eating a lot, YOU ARE EATING A LOT! Have the will and determination to quit binge eating.


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  1. You don’t do cardio exercises. Cardio is the holy grail of weight loss. If you’re not doing cardio, you will not lose weight. Period.


  1. You love to drink sugared juices and beverages. If you want something cold, opt for sugarless drinks. Don’t even put artificial sweeteners. It will be difficult at first, but in time you will get used to it. The best drink: lemon-infused water. Cut a lemon into thin slices. Place in a liter of water. Add a dash of sea salt. Drop some peppermint leaves and let it stay in the ref overnight. This drink is the best!


  1. You lack rest at night. If you want to lose weight, you have to rest as well, and that means sleeping at least 8 hours at night. The body and mind need to recuperate, and the only way to do that is by sleeping straight without interruptions.

A strong personal motivation might sound like: “I want to live long enough and stay healthy to see my daughter graduate from college.” — Matt James Ph.D.

So, what’s your reason? Or maybe, what are your reasons? It’s possible that some or most of the reasons mentioned here are right for you. If that is so, then, change your ways. It’s the only way to go.