Faced With A “Heavy” Reality

A Mom’s Road To Realization

Source: men.24.com

I have always been “big,” and when I say big, it means heavy, overweight and yes, FAT. There, I said it. During middle school, my teachers would refer to me as “that adorable, chubby one with big, brown eyes.” In high school, I heard one of the guys say (he didn’t know I was listening in), “Good thing she has a beautiful face and a big butt.” (At least I knew what he was up to early on and rejected his advances. He wanted my butt!!!)

During college, one particular guy (an ex-boyfriend) loved the idea that I was plus size. I get to eat as much as him during buffet dinners. He said that he got his money’s worth. I felt as if I was there as his eating buddy and not his girlfriend. Anyway, I met the love of my life after I graduated and we started an adventure of forever together.

Ten years into our marriage and three kids later, I was still pretty, but my weight was appalling. I’m not that cute and chubby girl anymore. Big butt chick? No. It was enormous like the Titanic. I was still considered a “plus-size” girl, yeah, but 24 is not plus size. It’s DINOSAUR size. I was often out of breath, and I literally couldn’t keep up with my kids. One day, my body just gave up. My feet swelled like as if I was retaining water and that was not a good sign.

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