Why I’m Not Dieting This 2018

And The Steps I’m Going To Do In Its Stead Instead

This new year, I’ve resolved not to diet anymore.

“Why, Sara? After all the posts you made about various diet plans, you’re going to quit just like that?!” (I imagine you asking that in a slightly whiny voice.)

source: fermanentlyfit.com

Yes! But let me justify my answer.

It All Started With This World’s Current Culture Trend

We’ve been seeing a rise in plus-sized models, the range of plus-sized clothes and the like these past years. Additionally, we appreciate the growing number of companies embracing the “love all body forms and shapes” movement. We even witness celebrities opening up on social media platforms, showing the world their imperfections like unequal breasts due to breastfeeding and stretch marks.

However, no matter how many “Love yourself just as you are” campaigns we launch now and later on, they won’t change the fact that our society is obsessed with beautiful people who have beautifully-formed proportionate bodies (translated as reed-thin) and thigh gaps.

Talking about these things might sound farfetched but these, in point of fact, made me realize I’ve been dieting for all the wrong reasons, the primary one being I WANTED TO LOOK AS GORGEOUSLY THIN AS THESE GIRLS PLASTERED ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

And so, I want to make an about-face change.

I want to foster body respect, and I want it to start with me.

I planned to lose weight and started taking a step towards that goal through dieting. My motivation? I hated the “largeness” I see every time I look at myself in the mirror. While it was an excellent weight loss stimulus, it wasn’t healthy. I’d only hate myself more if I weren’t able to reach my dream weight at the appointed time. Feeling good about my body once I started losing my extra pounds was just a temporary image boost. I have to work towards a lasting endgame – my health.

I’m giving weight stigma the boot.

If I can say to myself all those plus-sized models look great even when they’re in their swimsuits, why can’t I accept myself in this body first?

I just learned that being overly critical of my body size has adverse psychological and emotional effects. And so, I’m resolving to love my body first just as it is and make the decision to work on it because of that love.

I’m practicing intuitive eating.

source: shemakesmagic.com

What’s intuitive eating? When we were babies, we instinctively know when to ask for food and when to stop because we’re full. This ability gets lost in us as we grow up because of the various eating rules and external urges we try to follow like when our parents tell us to “eat three spoonfuls more of food” or when we’re told to eat whatever is in our plates up.

Fortunately, we can relearn this skill. We can start by being mindful eaters. And after a few weeks of trying the method, the results I see are far more fulfilling than when I was dieting.

I’m focusing on my overall wellness first and let weight loss take the backseat.

This year, I’m resolved to embrace ways that contribute to my overall wellness regardless of that being a weight loss factor or not. I’m exercising because moving improves my cardiovascular health. If I shed off pounds because of my workout, that’s just an added benefit. I lead a healthy lifestyle to take care of myself, not because I’m dieting. If I lose weight doing this then, great!

This 2018, this is my commitment:

I’m taking good care of myself not because I want to lose weight but because I want to be healthy.