7 Ways Self-Love Led To My 40-Pound Weight Loss

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About a year ago, I was at my daughter’s room packing her things for school the next day. And when it was through, I had the trouble getting up the floor. Gaining 40 pounds had just made it difficult to move. It should not have come as a surprise for me. I had just met my family doctor, and she told me that even if I am beautiful, I should stop gaining weight every year.

When she told me that I was gorgeous, it surely hit something inside of me because I felt otherwise. I started to feel scared and out of control. However, my doctor’s assurance made me felt supported and loved. At that time, I was not only a registered nurse but also an energy healer and an aromatherapist. And no matter how I watch my diet, I was still gaining weight. Hence, I should figure out how to stop gaining weight.

A large portion of the U.S. economy would grind to a halt if people made peace with their bodies. Billions of dollars are spent each year on plastic surgery, botox, lasers, corsets, diets, and psychotropics to deal with body-related depression and anxiety—all of it fueled by the advertisers’ goal: making people feel unattractive and inadequate. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

I have been through many diet regimes, but nothing had worked. Since then, I gave up and started to accept my body as it is with the help of the coaches, energy therapies, EFT, and Reiki. More so, being a nurse at a birthing home made me appreciate and love the body and strength of a woman. Despite the acceptance, I continually gain weight up until now where I could not stand up from the floor.

One thing I am sure of is that I want to be good to myself and that I will not go back to thinking that for me to feel valuable, I should fit into the standards of an ideal body that was set by the public.

I was able to succeed in losing 40 pounds within six months and be able to stand from the floor with no difficulty. And here is what I did:

I Came Up With An Inspiring Goal

Although my daughters are still 11 and 14 years old, I want to be an energetic grandmother when the right time comes. For me, it is more motivating than setting a specific weight or clothes’ size.

The incident that occurred inside the bedroom of my daughter has made me realize that it is time to address my weight issue. If there is food in front of me, I weigh if it is good for me or not. If it will be bad for me and still wants it, I picture myself running around with my grandkids.

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I Paid Attention To What I Was Eating

Paying close attention to my food was difficult for me. What I did was I do the elimination diet for 30 days. It was hard at first especially when I know how the food always makes me feel inside. But later on, I saw how amazing it is, and I was able to reset how I think about foods.

I Admitted That I Was A Sugar And Caffeine Addict

I never thought that I was addicted to sugar and caffeine until I realized that I am having a hard time giving them up. That is when I told myself that I am addicted to these foods. The elimination diet regime had helped me break my bad habits and enlightened me on my food choices.

The notion that we are not at the whim of dark, outside forces, that we can learn what it takes to love ourselves and be well differentiated, is empowering. — Deb Hirschhorn, PhD

I Realized That I Deserved To Feel Good

Women, especially caretakers and mothers, tend to forget themselves to accommodate other people. That should not be the case. We must feel good about ourselves at all times. I realized that somewhere along the way of my 30-day elimination diet that my eating habit was not doing any good for me. Hence, I intend to change it even if the people around me disagree with it. I should do this for myself and no one else.

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I Accepted That My Body Is An Exquisitely Sensitive Instrument

I started to listen to my body and use my instinct at all times after which I saw how my body reacted to the choices that I have made. I understand that my body may react differently to what my mind is reacting and that is part of my animal instinct. For instance, I know that the dark chocolates can alter my mood which makes me create pointless scenarios that make me guilty afterward.  Because I already know foods as such distract me, I distanced myself by telling my body not to indulge in it. Today, I only eat foods that are nourishing me, and I can say that my mood has changed dramatically.

I Reminded Myself That We Can Always Begin Again

If you were not able to do it right on your first time, you could always do it again and again until you finally get it. It always pays to be patient.

While healthy self-esteem and confidence are valuable traits to possess, self-love transcends them. Whereas self-esteem says, “I’m good enough,” as opposed to narcissism’s malignant cry, “I’m better than you!”, self-love says, “Even when I’m not quite good enough, I matter and I’m worthy.” — Marla B. Cohen, PsyD

Believe You Owe It To The World

You are equally as important as everyone else. And you must show the world that you are destined to be here.  If you want to feel good, eat foods that make you feel wonderful. Do not waste your time feeling terrible and not loving how you look. There are more important things to do than just sulking around and criticizing your body. You need not to be afraid of losing your unwanted weight all you have to think is that you are gorgeous and you can do anything.