Weight Exercises That Keep You Physically Fit During COVID-19

Along with the importance of social distancing and frequent hand washing, you also need to keep your overall immune system healthy. One of the excellent ways to do that while you are at home is through exercise. But what exercises in particular? Well, since you don’t have access to gym equipment, bodyweight exercises are advisable. These are workouts that suit your home quarantine fitness needs in the comfort of your home.

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Push-up is proven to be one of the best bodyweight exercises that show results after a couple of weeks. It can be done in an upright position where the arms and upper chest carry all the body’s weight. The process is just simply trying to push something away from the floor. But positions are not limited to that. You can start doing push-up off of a wall; then, you can gradually work your way through the floor if ever you feel uncomfortable lifting your whole body in an upright position.

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A squat is an exercise that is designed to strengthen the hips, legs, and thighs. It supports muscle and joint development. It is simple and easy and does not entirely require a lot of pressure since the lower part of the body is naturally carrying all the weight. It is merely comparable to sitting in an invisible chair and standing up but in a repetitive process. You can choose to speed it up or slow it down, depending on your preference. If you want to loosen up like an aerobic exercise, you can work on squats rapidly. And if you are going to target a particular muscle, you can work on it slowly and more in control.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips do more favor in strengthening your upper body part. But to work on it, you need to use a bench or table. You need something sturdy enough to hold your weight while you are in a position where your arms are behind you, preventing your butt from touching the floor. Tricep dips are physically designed to build muscles on shoulders, back, and arms. But again, the position is not limited to that. You can do tricep dips in an upright spot like a push-up, but in a reversed position where you are facing the ceiling.

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Wall Sit

Wall sit is the most underrated bodyweight exercise because it pretty much looks easy. It only requires a stationary position against the wall where it seems like sitting in an invisible chair. But wall sit is a very challenging one, and sometimes, it can be a fitness killer. It is an exercise that determines your bodyweight strength by just trying to get a hold of your ability to stay in the position for an extended period. It tests how long you can go for in trying to keep your knee at a 90-degree angle while your back is positioned against the wall.

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Most fitness enthusiasts love doing planks. It is a bodyweight exercise that targets the arm, leg, and abdomen muscles. It also strengthens the core. There is nothing much to do in planks. You have to stay in a particular spot for as long as you can, provided that your body is placed in a horizontal position. Planks are enjoyable because you can do this in a couple of ways. There is the upright position where your body stays horizontal to the floor while your arms serve as a stand. But you can also do with your elbows. You can also try side planks where you use your elbow as a stand while trying to balance.