Rule Out Depression And Start Losing Weight

Ways To Avoid Stress-eating, Overeating, And Compulsive Eating

Everyone who has weight issues has already thought of dieting. But why is it so hard? Every time you tell yourself, “I’m going to work out on Monday” or “I’m not going to eat carbs from now on,” but you end up having the same story every week. It’s the same old you looking in the mirror and having hopeful thoughts of wearing the same dress that Victoria Secret model is wearing.

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Reasons To Overcome Anxiety Concerning Your Body Type



If you have been a subscriber of this blog of mine for quite some time, it is not a top secret that I did not always have a healthy mind. Having other kids pick on you due to the extra weight is never stress-free. It caused me to develop social anxiety, among other things, at a young age. I isolated myself; I barely had any friends until college. As I came across folks of different shapes and sizes, though, I began to understand that having more pounds did not – and still does not – make me less likable than everyone else.

The thing is, I can say that I am in the right place at the moment. I have been dieting and exercising without going to the extremes. Genuine people surround me too, and they make up my sturdy support system. While anxiety-inducing thoughts can take a jab at my newfound confidence occasionally, I know how to power through them now.

In case you can use a little push away from your bodily worries, let me show you a few reasons to overcome anxiety.



We think a large part of what happens when you “lose control” or change your mind about your diet in the face of a tempting treat is that survival mechanisms in the reptilian brain have been mistakenly activated and misdirected towards the treat. — Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

  1. It Makes You Eat More

Go down the memory lane and try to remember the things you do as you worry about your body type. For one, you might stay stuck in your head for hours, too scared to get out of your daydream and face reality. In other cases, you might keep on looking at your reflection, trying to suck in your love handles until you become breathless.

Nevertheless, it is also common for worrywarts like you to binge on food during these stressful moments. You shovel spoonful after spoonful in your mouth without even tasting the dish. Once you realize what you are doing, however, you might feel concerned about how much the activity affected your weight.

Considering you genuinely want to cut down your size, you should curb your anxiety then.

People who are obese or suffering from eating disorders have a tendency to dissociate from their bodies — to choose not to feel what they are feeling when they are angry, anxious, or sad. — Kelly McGonigal Ph.D.

  1. You May Feel Hungry All The Time

In conjunction with the previous reason, your binge-eating habit may also be due to your inability to utilize sugar properly.

You see, in a regular setting, the pancreas produces a healthy dose of insulin whenever you consume foods with glucose in it. This chemical can keep your blood sugar levels at a reasonable rate, thus shielding you from diabetes. It may help the digested sugar enter your cells too so that you may use it as a source of energy.

Now, what can throw this process out of the loop is not being able to deal with anxious thoughts properly. After all, the more you remain in your worried state, the more your brain will generate cortisol, the stress hormone. It can act like an oddball in your system by blocking your insulin supply and keeping your glucose level at an all-time high. Hence, you may not notice soon enough that you are putting on instead of losing weight.

  1. Your Happiness Does Not Depend On What The Weighing Scale Says

Finally, you should stop feeling anxious about your body type because your sense of contentment does not rely on your weight. There are many sexy folks out there who seem like they have it all. In reality, however, they lead unhappy lives and form bad relationships. The only thing they have, in that case, is their gorgeous figure.

Even so, I am not saying that you should abandon your weight-loss program. You can continue doing it, primarily when your goal is to manage your health or build up your confidence. It does not guarantee your happiness, though – you’ll need to do good and be kind to others to experience that still.



What’s holding you back now, my dear reader? Start tackling your anxiety and find serenity within yourself. Another tip here – go to BetterHelp. It is a website that provides mental health counseling for those who need it, such as you, the worrywart. Try it for yourself.

Good luck!